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The lan is over.

Rules and conditions (Abide by this or risk being thrown out)

- Anything the crew says is to be considered law.
- Absolutely no alcohol or other drugs allowed, intoxicated persons will be asked to go somewhere else to sober up. Illegal drugs will be reported to the police.
- No smoking inside - even if you're stupid enough to smoke, a few minutes of sunshine every now and then won't hurt you - and no cigarette ends on the ground.
- Do not bring speakers, headphones only. Being able to hear the sounds in the game and your teammates are very important for serious gamers.
- Do not bring microwave ovens, fridges, water heaters or anything like that.
- Shut down any DHCP servers, gateways and/or other internet connection sharing devices before departing for the lan.
- You are responsible for your own equipment. We are taking every possible precaution to prevent accidents and theft - including around-the-clock security guards and our own security crew patrolling the area - but we are not liable for any damaged or missing property.
- You are responsible for your own actions. You break something, you pay for it.
- Cheating in any form will NOT be tolerated, anyone caught cheating will be thrown out without getting a refund. Play by the rules or don't play at all.
- You are of course expected to abide by swedish laws and regulations in the municipality.

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