Welcome to QHLAN
It's that time of the year again! QHLAN 9 is just around the corner, and this time we've managed to get a much better venue than usual. Lots of room, plenty of showers and a great spectating area... this could turn out to be an even nicer experience than previous winter lans, and to top it off we've even lowered the entrance fee! That's right, if you hurry up and prepay at the latest thursday the 15:th, you can get in for a measly 150kr (about €16/$19/11), after that a ticket runs for a still very low price of 200kr up to wed. the 28:th which is the last day to prepay, even if you miss that you can still get a ticket on arrival for our usual price of 250kr.

Last january we kept up our tradition of filling up the winter lan venues, this time that probably won't happen though as we've more than doubled the maximum number of participants! With the late launch of the website (I'm terribly sorry about that) our chances to fill this venue doesn't look very good, but I can assure those who come a great time anyway, so help us and yourselves by nagging on your friends to come along. It's not too late to get our usual winter lan attendance numbers!

Dates: 2-5 January 2006
Venue: Sim&sporthallen (pic below is from the previous, smaller venue: galaxen)
Internet connection: 100 Mbit/s (at least) from DCS.NET and Sollentuna Energi
Spectating: Large (14 sqm) bigscreens with projectors sponsored by ME.



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