» QH-LAN #5

Welcome back to another QH-LAN, the only serious QuakeWorld event in the world.

It's time for the fifth LAN in the series and this time we will be in Galaxen, outside of Stockholm (same venue as QH-LAN #3).
We will only allow about 180 attenders this time, so hurry with your signup/payment!

We can promise you a great time and heavy competition. Sign up now or be left behind.

* Signup information
We will have no signup-limit, but the first 180 people who prepay will have the oportunity to reserve a seat and by that be guaranteed to attend.
More information about signup here, and payment here.

What are you waiting for? Sign up and get together once more!
cu, gg, hf, gl

//QH-LAN #5 crew


Signed up players: 231
Clans with >=2: 36
Clans with >=4: 19
Site visited 15386 times.
Days left to QH-LAN #5: -7215
What FPS would you prefer at QH-LAN #5

Stick to 72 (77) FPS
125 FPS if physics are REALLY FPS-indepedent.
I don't care