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QHLAN #14    -    4th-7th November 2010!

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Fredrika Bremer-gymnasiet in Haninge, Stockholm (map)

Entrance fee:

300SEK (~30€), 400 seats available


QuakeWorld 1on1, 2on2, 4on4
     22.500SEK in prizes

StarCraft 2 1on1
     12.500SEK in prizes

StarCraft 1on1
     1.000SEK in prizes

Internet and network:

500 Mbit/s internet access with a private IP address for each participant. 100Mbit/s LAN connections.

Monitors and computers for rental:

There will be some 17", 19" and 21" CRT monitors available for rental, more on this later.

Spectator area:

There will be a "Cinema hall" along the lines of Dreamarena at Dreamhack (and run by the same people). We might also set up extra projectors to cover more matches earlier in the tournaments if there is interest in that.

Food and sleeping:

You are free to bring any kind of food and beverages (no alcohol), the event will however have kiosk where you can buy different kinds of sodas, candy, snacks and fast food. It is open all hours and have low prices, resturants are close by the event as well.

There are designed sleeping areas available, it is recommended that you bring a mattress and a sleeping bag as we do not supply any of the kind.


  • Your gaming rig and peripherals
  • Network cable (at least 5meter)
  • Power cords to the monitor and the system unit
  • Extension cord, with at least 3 sockets (Swedish standard)
  • Sleeping bag and mattress or the like
  • Towel if you want to take a shower

For more information:

Follow the QHLAN14 topic at and go visit
the Hazard LAN site.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Lornelin, stroller or Zalon at #qhlan on QuakeNET IRC, or leave a message in the forum.

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